What is education?


Director of Strategic Development at Quantify It, San Francisco

The purpose of education is to teach people to take responsibility to teach and educate themselves. By high school, or even sooner, students who have applied themselves will have learned the basics that go into writing reports, how to conduct online research, and the fundamentals of logical enquiry and the scientific process. Knowing these things is all that a person needs to advance themselves in life, if they regularly apply what they have already learned to learn even more. When a person can do this, not only do many of the functions of formal education become superfluous for them, many of the functions which employers or bosses play in their lives also become unnecessary. A person who has learned to acquire knowledge and skills when it is helpful to do so, and who has also learned to work regularly on being productive, does not need the emphasis of others compelling them to take care of business and get things done. They have mastered their own education, and have become their own bosses. That's not to say that schools and teachers, and employers and bosses, serve no functions in their lives. It is just to say that, if left to their own devices, self-learners and self-starters continue to grow and advance even on their own.

Those who have internalized their own inner teachers and their own inner bosses, people who are skilled at educating themselves and who don't need employers to make them productive, these people are the real leaders in life - for they don't need others to be their taskmasters - they are already masters in their own rights.

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