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What is education?

Education is providing the tools for students to become educated. Students who are truly educated use these tools not to pass a test but, to learn a skill or, about a topic that will make life easier because of a solid foundation.

Adil Mawani
Academic Programs Coordinator for SBE Students' Society, and Peer Advisor for WLU Career Development Centre, Toronto, Canada

Education is 'learning to be', 'learning to adapt and live' and 'learning for becoming'. It is a process which leads to self-actualisation, self-realisation and ultimately, God realisation. more...

Prof. Bhushan Lal Handoo
Educationist, Innovator, Teacher Educator, Mentor, Management Advisor, Owner - IECS, Noida, India

Education is a continuous process to gain knowledge, acquire skills and to know where and how to apply.

Bishwajeet Bhattacharya
Marketing / PR / Branding, Trio World School, Bengalore, India

I think education is empowerment. Empowerment not only to acquire knowledge or a means of livelihood, but empowerment to justify our existence as the most superior species inhabiting this planet. Education is most definitely a double edged sword. All the great heights that mankind has achieved is due to education and all the dreary depths that we have hit is also due to education. The times to come will surely be a reflection of whether or not the educators have played their role well.

Biswaroop Padhi
Edge'ucator, Ahmedabad, India

Education is all about learning - by experience, by formal procedures, by guidance, by instructions and needless to say, by mistakes. more...

Brijesh Shukla
Director, Kuiper Research and Educational Services Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad, India

I think education is learning life, learning what you have to do or should not and education is about having experiences. I think life is education.

Cagil Bozduman
Student at Anadolu University, Turkey

Education is being able to share experiences. To love and respect each other inspite of differences in opinion. I am still trying to educate myself. more...

Dr. Chandrashekhar Ranade
Director at CPR Learning Systems, Ahmedabad, India

I believe in a saying that says, "We cannot teach people, we can help them to discover themselves." Therefore, I think education would be more meaningful if we let people find for themselves. It needs time and a less conformational system which may be more hypothetical in today's time.Yet I believe we could make it as a part of the present day educational system. It needs teachers and educationists who are themselves in this state of mind ie, more exploratory.

Chetna Bharadwaj
Independent Medical Practice Professional, Yemen

Education is a state-controlled manufacturer of echo's. To repeat what others have said, requires education, to challenge it, requires brains.

Chris Barton
Advisor at Wholesale Pharmaceuticals, UK

Anyone can learn that the kettle is hot and so not to touch it, and anyone can tell you that this is so but, it takes a lot to be educated as to why the kettle is hot, and what it could mean for you if you touch it. more...

Ciaran Ainsworth
Session musician, Gloucester, United Kingdom

Learning something new, whether in a formal classroom or, by yourself.

Dave Maskin
Trade show booth traffic builder and lead generator,, New York

In children, the instructor leads forth the child's basic learning capabilities, forming the child's basic working knowledge of the world. Adult education, better thought of as adult learning, becomes a more complex undertaking. more...

David Haddad
Leadership Coach, Organizational Consultant, Writer, Adjunct Professor - Argosy University, San Diego

Education means to draw out from within. All wisdom and knowledge is there inside us. There are different facilitators to facilitate learning. Nature is a facilitator. Every creation of the creator is a life long learner. more...

Dhiraj Gangani
Sr. Marine Radio Officer E-4, ONGC, Mumbai, India

Education is a continuous process of learning, unlearning and relearning. It clearly demarcates its boundaries from the process to know or, grab knowledge. It is also a transformational journey from "me" to "we" and effects changes in behaviour, attitude, perception and the way of life.

Dhirendra Pratap Singh
Social Entrepreneur, New Delhi, India

In the current scenario, I feel education is "a lot of bookish knowledge & lack of practical knowledge". Our system is academically biased and does not pay much attention to the other activities that are essential for overall development of an individual. more...

Dishika Shah
Sr. Solutions Consultant at Thotmatrix Systems, Mumbai, India

Education at its best is about learning how to learn.

Douglas Halliday
Chairman, Global Executive Search & Mentoring Firm, Worcester, UK

Education comes from educe, meaning to draw out from within (that which is already there, waiting to be developed i.e., brainpower). Education provides enlightenment, and equips people to achieve more, and to pass on their learning to the next generation. Education is a lifelong journey of learning (not earning) a living.

Frank Feather
President & CEO at Geo-Strategies Inc, Toronto, Canada

Education is what you wake up craving and go to bed having...every day.

Guy Battaglia
Owner/Operator at TGB Associates, New York

According to me, purpose of real education is 'self-realization'. The real you is the prolific source of all power; but the everyday you is only a fragment of that which can be brought out and manifested. more...

Hemant Kaushik
Visiting Faculty at various business schools, Gurgaon, India

Education for me is education without fear. In my view, it means without the fear of asking questions. more...

Hrridaysh Deshpande
Founder - Director at Innoastra & Director at DYPDC College, Pune, India

I am sure one of the first things that immediately comes to the minds of many when they come across the word 'Education' is college, university, school, etc. However, I personally believe that the life experiences of individuals, which include things like living abroad, mistakes made, failures, etc. is also a form of education.

Ivan Chen
International Education Marketing & Admissions Specialist, Melbourne, Australia

Education is the process of creating meaning. Through inquiry-based learning and teaching, students construct meaning, and develop intellectual capacity, curiosity and creativity. Sharing the view that students develop high-order thinking skills and knowledge through meaningful interactions with others and their environment, I believe education occurs best in learning environments focused on inquiry in the context of an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary curriculum.

J Daniel Hollinger
Education & Management Consultant, Washington D.C.

Education is learning to learn. This becomes increasingly relevant in today's scenario where the rate of change is so fast. The ability of learning to learn and adapt is what education should equip us with to be successful in this age.

Kabir Khanna
CEO, ChalkPad Technologies, Chandigarh, India

What an outsider can provide is literacy, which is a tool. Enlightenment comes from within by using this tool. more...

Kamal Gupta
Director, CEO at Delta Petro Additives & EdSeva Software, Gurgaon, India

I feel education is what you make of it. Ideally an educated human being would imbibe knowledge, process it, and ultimately implement it to benefit others and himself.

Kanchan Mukherjee
Senior Manager - Mass Education at Educomp Solutions Ltd., Gurgaon, India

When it comes to education, I strongly believe that it has to be value based. I am very much influenced by Swami Vivekananda's views on education... He says we want that kind of education by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased, intellect is expanded, and by which one can stand on one's own feet. Are we imparting this kind of education? I feel we are just producing knowledge based machines with no human touch. Today's education system as you all know concentrates only on marks and ranks. Schools have teachers who enter teaching by chance and not by choice. To bring about changes in the education system we need to have the right kind of teachers who know that teaching is not just reading out from text and conducting exams.

Kanti Vakkalanka
Senior Academic Counselor, Rumieducation Pvt.Ltd, Vijayawada, India

Education is a procedure that enables one to acquire, process, transform and implement knowledge for growth in terms of one's professional and personal self, which in turn empowers everybody.

Kathakali Chatterjee
Project Coordinator at Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India

Education is about continually questioning the status quo. The moment a company or an individual begins to mutter or even just think the fatal quote "Everything that can be invented has been invented", is the moment progress fails. Therefore education is about improvement, progress and most importantly questioning common thought.

Lee Taylor
General Manager at, Milan, Italy

I see it as learning, most often in a classroom situation, but also outside the classroom in real life and on the job. I have bachelors and masters degrees but most of the important lessons I have learned have been outside the classroom, in the school of hard knocks so to speak.

Lisa Nofzinger
Word Processing Assistant at State of Michigan, Lansing, Michigan

It is a system where the more knowledgeable and experienced strive to pass on their knowledge and skills to the less knowledgeable. more...

Michael Maynard
Writer, Walsall, UK

Education brings positive changes in one's life. With education, one grows at every stage in life.

Mitesh Sanghvi
Educationist, Indore, India

'Education' is the transfer of existing knowledge to the next generation in order for them to take the next steps forward to enlighten humanity further.

Monica M. Paul
Chief Mover at Making One New Idea Count Accelerates Profits, Greater Memphis

I believe education is not only your academic performance but your peformance on the whole. In India, nobody is self-educated. Our parents and teachers play a major role in educating us. Here we are confused as a kid. We take our elders as our inspiration but later on we see their selfish ends. So that is why I believe in the power of self-education. We should inspire our generations to come out of the traditional system of education and to open themselves to new ideas. Nobody learns from others' experiences. Let them experience the realities of life if you really want them to shine.

Neeru Issar
Zonal Distributor, Educosoft, Amritsar, India

Education is anything which acts as a demiurgic upon the intellect, character or physical skills of the individual. Education is also the process that society uses to generationally transmit its knowledge and values.

Padric O'Rouark
Author at Synergebooks, Greater Seattle

Drawing the best out of an individual while allowing him to explore and experience his interests and talents. It is not using outdated educational system, teaching antiquated and slanted historical and cultural beliefs to mould young minds. There is a big difference between teaching information (pouring stuff in) and educating (drawing the best out).

Paul A (Davenport) Coulter
Life, Sales and Career Strategist, Orange County, California

It is necessary to define education beyond the manner and context in which it is seen today, limit to the mere acquisition of a few skills and the grasp of a few simple facts. The minimum requirements of education need to be seen in terms of the basic knowledge, qualities, skills, attitudes, and capacities that enable individuals to become conscious subjects of their own growth, and active, responsible participants in a systematic process of building an ever-advancing civilization.

Payam Shoghi
Principal at RiverDale International Residential School, Pune, India

Education is an extremely powerful tool for success and growth of individuals and the society. It is the critical formation of habits and values, and among other things it teaches us the virtue of patience and tolerance.

Rahul Kaushik
Asst. Professor & Head - Training & Development, Education Management, New Delhi, India

Education means systematic training and instruction especially of the young in school and college. No country can afford to neglect it. It should be free and compulsory. Education means knowledge and abilities, development of character and mental powers, resulting from such trainings. Education means giving intellectual and moral trainings to your child to behave well.

Ramakrishna Koppaka
Consultant, Textile Technologist, Environment & Pollution Control Specialist, Hyderabad, India

Education is a process of enlightenment.

Rama Pullabhotla
Senior Assistant at Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India

Simply put, education is the process of acquiring knowledge and information. This includes learning more about something as well as learning something totally new.

Ron Auerbach
Job search advisor, author, trainer and speaker, Greater Seattle

I see education as the acquiring of life skills to meet future needs of an individual. I believe in formal education because it is structured and organized and meets the needs of most individuals. Not to say that informal education has no value. It does, but only to people who can understand and learn from it. Formal education is compulsory learning for all. Its benefits are more to those who can make full use of it.

Shakuntala Jaisinghani
Academic Director, Aaryan's School, Pune, India

Education is a continuous process of enabling oneself or others. It enables a person to learn from the experience of others (teachers, coaches, mentors, parents, friends etc.). Once the person gains knowledge, he/she possesses wisdom to differentiate good from bad.

Shammi Malik
Senior Manager at Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Mumbai, India

To me 'education' is a process of discovery. It is different from 'learning', which is endless.

Siva Ram Mallela
Higher Education Consultant, Hyderabad, India

Purpose of education is to provide a path to viability, sustainability, adaptability, progress, insight, independence, self-responsibility, creativity, accomplishment, realization, discovery, capacity to confront and overcome adversity, master change, make a difference, leave a legacy, tranquility, inner peace, enlightenment.

Stephen Roulac
CEO at Roulac Global Places LLC; Professor of Global Property Strategy at University of Ulster, San Francisco

Our society looks at academics as an important factor in a child's development as an adult and that is based on collecting knowledge without understanding its value. These skills are associated with understanding the value of knowledge. Education builds a vast opportunity for the nation to advance globally and create new job opportunities by nourishing the basic skills required to enter the ''world'' with so much more to learn in our daily life.

Sudarshan N Borker
Director - Head Operations at NextBiT Computing; Founder - Business Strategy at Innovative Education Concepts, Bengaluru, India

Education in India has actually been transformed into a money making industry more focussed towards generating literacy rather than enlightenment. Education according to me is enlightenment, which should focus on bringing an attitudinal change in one getting educated, something that can actually bring a change in the thought process.

Sudipto Mahindar
Wealth manager at ABN Amro, Moradabad, India

Education is a beginning which never ends, it's a road with no destination. In other words, it's a process throughout your life, you keep on learning and that is what education is. However, sadly we relate education to domain specific education. Infact, domains are just a minute part of it. There is much more to it in terms of holistic development.

Suhail Seth
Manager Student Recruitment at Centum (A Bharti Associate Company), Chandigarh, India

At the basic level, education provides literacy. Beyond that, it provides general knowledge, skills and reasoning in a variety of subjects. Cumulatively, education provides opportunity and access to opportunity. Education is also one of the most powerful of man-made entities as evinced by the fact that since ancient times it has been central to how a state imposes its worldview on its subjects. Thus, education is also a powerful political and cultural tool.

Tirumalai Kamala
Immunologist, Microbiologist, Organizer, Washington D.C.

Education is coming to terms with the very essence of being a human being in the larger context of other individuals, other living beings and the planet. What does it mean to be born and how should we carry ourselves in this larger complex of existence so that we contribute something meaningful at any level- social, political, economic, technological, etc by reaching the very depth of the faculties which we are born with. And this process should be a continuous inward journey.

Ujjwal Bnj
Head Quality Assurance, AGES- Academy for Global Education Services, Mumbai, India

I think the purpose of education is to learn something you didn't know or, to learn more about something we know little about. When we see the word education we probably think of something formal, like going to classes, or college, but the truth is that we can educate ourselves in many different ways, about many different things. Education is something we do everyday!

Vanessa Cabrera
Educator, Blogger, Child Development Expert, Speech Pathologist, Phoenix, Arizona

Three gears that characterize education: the meaning and purpose to promote knowledge; an anxiety with surroundings; and definite principles. Education is prospect learning; it is about growth and enlargement even when we are revising the history. more...

Vidhi Agarwal
Partner at LawQuest, Mumbai, India

Education means using someone's earlier knowledge/experience for a better and meaningful life of human beings, creatures and nature.

Vidyanand Galphade
Lecturer at College of Engineering, Pune, India

Education, etymologically, comes from the Latin word 'educare' which means bring up/ rear/ educate. It was first attested by Shakespeare in the 16th century. It means formal training and schooling. In today's context, it refers to degrees. But keeping in mind the rate at which degrees are being 'bought', the meaning needs to evolve to 'awareness'. But as soon as we do that, then we are making the switch from education to knowledge.

Vikram Bhadwar
Director, Syngrity & Progressive Security, Media Artist & Performer

Education enables us to negotiate the world we live in from a position of strength, with the confidence that comes from ability to access knowledge and information, the skills that we need in our work and in life. Education prepares us for life.

Vimala Ramachandran
Managing Director at Educational Resource Unit, New Delhi, India

The process of learning something that was unknown before.

Wallace Jackson
Multimedia Producer & i3D Programmer for Acrobat 3D PDF, JavaFX, Mobile & Virtual Worlds, Santa Barbara, California

The purpose of education is to teach people to take responsibility to teach and educate themselves. more...

Warren Lake
Director of Strategic Development at Quantify It, San Francisco

There are two kinds of education, formal and informal. The former is known to all. It is the latter that often goes unnoticed. Infact, it is the informal education that makes or breaks us. more...

Shobhika Puri
Founding Member, Edupaedia

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