Writer, Walsall, UK

It is a system where the more knowledgeable and experienced strive to pass on their knowledge and skills to the less knowledgeable. The process should also demonstrate how to study and the educator should also help his student understand why the knowledge or, skill is important to his future.

I re-wrote an essay for a student recently; when I was at college they would have accused me of cheating. These days to get a professional writer 8,000 miles away to re-write your essay is using your initiative! She will learn from it, she has to read it and re-read it and had two weeks to memorise it and then has to recite it to her English professor as part of an examination.

Education is now more complex but, has improved immensely in the UK anyway. I had to decrypt questions in examinations when I was at school. Now they don't test memory but knowledge with multiple choice questions. I gave an online test the other evening and achieved a certificate answering multiple choice questions and was credited with the certificate even though I got an answer wrong. It was because it achieved its purpose. It was a medical question and a difficult one and not my speciality. I learned something by just taking part, and thinking carefully about the diagnosis and possible treatment. I was not right about the diagnosis but, the patient would have survived and the object was to learn from an expert about a particularly unusual medical problem. It is an unusual way of learning but effective. I may never use the knowledge I gained, I am a counsellor and not a doctor; but it may be useful one day.

Education for me is a lifelong pursuit; a pursuit of knowledge, skills and wisdom. It is diverse and encompasses everything from finance to politics to the environment; in fact anything I may find myself writing about tomorrow, next week or even next year. I am driven by curiosity, a need to learn, help others to learn and achieve more.

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