Director, CEO at Delta Petro Additives & EdSeva Software, Gurgaon, India

What an outsider can provide is literacy, which is a tool. Enlightenment comes from within by using this tool.

I don't see wrong in educators making money, that is a function of demand and supply in the market.

I was having a discussion with the VC of UP Tech Univ about the thousands of so called teaching shops providing engineering and management education in UP. I appreciate his views that though most of these colleges provide 2nd or 3rd grade education, they at least make education accessible to those who want it and can pay for it.

Something similar is happening with schools. They may be providing literacy, but literacy enables people to read and explore the world. For example, I know a cotton farmer who studied up to class VIII in rural Haryana. He tracks El Nino, El Nano, and cotton prices around the world.

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