What is education?


Founder - Director at Innoastra & Director at DYPDC College, Pune, India

Education for me is education without fear. In my view, it means without the fear of asking questions. The term 'fear' has nothing to do with the other fears as we know of. Particularly in school education it is necessary to imbibe the quality of asking questions without fear. The atmosphere in the classroom, the school, the institution should encourage asking questions and not suppress them.

To drive this in school teaching the teachers have to first get this fact right that there could be many answers to one question and the answer known to the teacher is not the only right answer. The teacher has to take efforts to generate questions and participation. Participation does not mean following the teacher, but it means to get the students involved. The teachers should understand that it is a learning process for the children and not the teaching process for the teachers.

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