Educationist, Innovator, Teacher Educator, Mentor, Management Advisor, Owner - Indira Educational Consultancy Services

Education is modification of behaviour. It involves re-organisation and re-construction of our experiences. It is drawing out of whatever is best in man. It is making the inner outer. I am sure you have read all this.

For me education is 'learning to be', 'learning to adapt and live' and 'learning for becoming'. It is a process which leads to self-actualisation, self-realisation and ultimately, God realisation.

There is no place for fear in education. Fear is an emotion and it distorts reason and inhibits decision making capabilities. Besides, fear decreases performance. Education allows learning by committing mistakes. It teaches fearlessness.

An open mind is a questioning mind. The Socratic dialogue is the best example. Truth can be perceived only when questions are allowed. One becomes wise by only keeping one's mind open to what others have to say. One learns in the process. A good and conducive environment for education encourages questioning.

Teaching is a Social process. It is a set of actions to induce learning. We need to make teaching enjoyable. It has to be multi-sensory and activity-based. It has to have ample opportunities for discussions, brainstorming, demonstrations, projects and total involvement of the learner. This will help education to be purposeful, fear-free and create an environment of objectivity where we all work with open minds.

We have to teach children to hide nothing, to work in the Sun and the Light. Once they realise the importance of abiding by certain rules and regulations for their good, they will be disciplined. Fear is unworthy of them. Discipline is self-control, regulating one's actions to achieve a goal. Children need to be managed and the limits have to be defined. The limits are the line.

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