Sr. Marine Radio Officer E-4, ONGC, Mumbai, India

Education means to draw out from within. All wisdom and knowledge is there inside us. The creator has kept all manuals inside us. There are different facilitators to facilitate learning. Nature is a facilitator. Every creation is an open book to read. We can develop multiple intelligence and its path ways through various techniques. We can enhance the process of drawing out from within but, we cannot create faster learning through merely teaching techniques.

Every creation of the creator is a life long learner. We do not notice slow learning. We want to notice the change which education brings about and so we try to speed up the things, and in the process we land into the area of formal education which produces the professionals. These professionals could be first class doctors, engineers, scientists and teachers. But at the same time they may be third class husbands, sons, brothers, neighbours, colleagues or, friends. The present day formal education has yet to produce first class human beings. First class human beings are those who know their higher self, create a link with the social self and bridge the society and the self.

Education has to be for self realisation and realisation of the creator. Education for bread and butter cannot produce first class human beings. For bread and butter no animal goes to the university!! This universe is the university for us. Every moment is an opportunity to learn.

Forgetting the idealism of education and for getting a pragmatic view which can take us towards idealism progressively, slowly and steadily, we need to balance formal and informal education. Education must give us confidence and ''can do'' attitude. Education should give us ''swantaha sukh'' - eternal bliss. Bliss during the time of ''have'' and ''have not''.

For informal education, the concept of ''home university'' is the best. Home and family is the right place to propagate informal education. Family has no place for ego in the home. For a mother all children are the same, highly educated as well as a slow learner. Similarly for mother earth it hardly matters who is intelligent and a fast learner. For mother earth, it matters that the child does not exploit the resources kept for everyone through so called formal education and through intellectual manipulation.

Have you ever seen a medical doctor who is smoking? Will you say he is an educated person? He does not follow his intellect. He follows the decision of his weak mind and smokes inspite of a statutory warning written on it. Such education is suicidal. Education should provide a man with a powerful progressive and sensitive mind, and a strong character.

Education should provide inner beauty and empathy. Intellectual modesty, regards for elders, and love towards the younger and weaker is just not seen in many so called educated persons. That's the irony of the present day education.

What we need is to go to the roots, get the wings and simply fly....for good fruits treat the roots! Focus on ''aatma vidhya'' ''know thy self''. Do not shy away to learn from the Bhagvad Geeta, the Bible, Guru Granth Saheb or, any other books of wisdom. The knowledge should not remain in books. It has to come inside and open the fountain of knowledge within.

After reading the book share the good thoughts, not just for preaching or, teaching but for learning through repetition. And such power of speech and spoken word is the real treasure creator has given to the human beings only. One will become what he thinks, provided he speaks from the divine intellect. When we use our intellect for selfless work, intellect becomes divine. And only such intellect is qualified for the knowledge which can bring eternal peace and bliss.

Only first class human beings can become first class professionals. And they are the real treasure for this world. They are the real children of our mother earth. To solve all problems related to the present world, this is the key.

Let us strive hard for the right kind of education to bring out our real self from within. Technology has given us devices and made this globe a village. Now the world has to become a family and this is only possible through the right kind of education to produce the right kind of human beings with Indian heart rather than professionals with global mind; rather than creating material assets at the cost of natural resources and making the poor, poorer. Education must empower all and not only a few.

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