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Homoeopathic Physician
Visiting Doctor at Narinder Mohan Hospital, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh
Private Clinic in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh

About Dr. Chitra Sharma

  • 37 years of experience as a Homoeopathic Physician

  • Diploma in Homoeopathy and Biochemistry (DHB); M.A. in Hindi, Sitar and Sociology

  • One of the first lady Homoeopathic Physicians to start practice in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh

  • Lifetime Achievement Award 2007 by the Board of Homoeopathic System of Medicine, Delhi

  • Lifetime Achievement Award 2007 by the Ghaziabad Homoeopathic Association

Industry in Focus


There are several misconceptions about Homoeopathy:

Homoeopathic treatment takes time.
This is not true. Infact, its effects can be seen as quickly as 2 hours even in cases of acute diarrhoea plus there shall be no weakness therafter.
In ailments like skin disease or cough, the treatment shall first increase the intensity and then gradually decrease.
This is completely false.
The treatment is inexpensive.
This is not true. Infact, there are many doctors who charge less but, increase the frequency of visits, ultimately charging more. The Homoeopathic doctors also have the same expense heads as that of any other doctor. Moreover, most of their medicines are Germany based.
Patient cannot consume heeng (asafoetida), garlic, onion, tobacco or, alcohol when undergoing homoeopathic treatment.
This is completely false.

In Homoeopathy, medicines are categorized on the basis of place of origin, which is generally either India or, Germany. Thus, their cost depends on the place of origin and not the manufacturing company. On the other hand, in Allopathy medicines can be categorized on the basis of manufacturing company, which is why cost of allopathic medicines from different companies differ even though they may be for the same ailment.

There is no diagnose of disease in Homoeopathy but, that of medicine as opposed to Allopathy. For example, even if there are four patients with different diseases but, their symptoms are the same, they shall get the same medicine. On the other hand, in Allopathy, the patients would have got four types of medicines based on the diseases.

Career Path

After obtaining a BHMS degree one undergoes on the house training in a hospital for six months, after which one can practice independently.

Job Description

One needs to listen to the patient's problem patiently and then be able catch the keywords from there. Thereafter, the doctor has to convert the common language into medical terms. For example, there could be numerous categories of 'pain'; simple 'pain' shall not suffice.

Essential Qualifications

Science stream with Biology at 10+2 level and Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS)* degree that takes 4.5 years to complete

*DHB diploma has been replaced by BHMS degree

Good To Have Qualifications

M.D. (Homoeopathy)

Good Institutes To Study At

  • Nehru Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Delhi.
  • J.S.P.S. Govt. Homeopathic Medical College, Hyderabad
  • Dr. Gururaju Govt. Homeopathic Medical College, Andhra Pradesh
  • Govt. Homeopathic Medical College, Andhra Pradesh
  • Dr. Allu Ramalingaiah Govt. Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Andhra Pradesh
  • Govt. Homeopathic Medical College, Bangalore
  • Govt. Homeopathic Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram.
  • Govt. Homeopathic Medical College, Kozhikode

Other Qualifications

Ability to listen to the patient patiently and intently; ability to boost the patient's morale by making him confident of his speedy recovery.

Average Salary Range

A fresher generally starts with an average salary upto Rs.30,000 per month plus perks. Thereafter, the sky is the limit, depending upon the doctor's abilities.

Additional Comments


  • No emergency situations like that of a gynaecologist doctor
  • Flexibility of timings
  • Medicines do not expire as they are alcohol based. However, they do evaporate with time even if sealed.

  • One has to deal with medicine suppliers that are either from India or Germany
  • The liability for any adverse reaction rests with the doctor and not the medicine supplier
  • In-depth knowledge of the subject is required as ailments can be as varied as the humans themselves. Thus, one has to constantly keep reading.

One should choose this career only if one is keenly interested in the same. The satisfaction that comes after curing people can be compared to none. Moreover, this profession should be chosen for a sense of service to others.

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Disclaimer: Views expressed by the author are personal

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