Director at CPR Learning Systems, Ahmedabad, India

Education is being able to share experiences. To love and respect each other inspite of differences in opinion. To hear, see and feel the unspoken word. To be able to read between the lines. To behave like humans and not robots. To appreciate others first and foremost. To listen /read first and foremost. To talk /write least and last.

Education is a state of existence where one inspires the other to relax in his/her presence and open up their hearts and giving them their due credit. Education is making people feel wanted. Education is making people want to be in your company. To come onto this earth like a breath of fresh air and leaving people feel relaxed and refreshed with the whiff of your fragrant thoughts. To be able to see the humor in a given situation.

I am still trying to educate myself.


Said my Guru, "YOU want to know what is education?
It is basically the science of communication,
Removing all negative emotions from the heart,
It is all about feeling Positive for the self and others which in itself is an Art."

"Striking a balance between the impractical Theory and sensible practice,
You have to unleash the Giant potential of your Learning expertise.
If you are really interested, do let me know of your intentions,
But for that kindly remove your scholarly pretentions."

"Education may be from Formal as well as Informal sources,
The focus of which should in tapping our internal resources.
Once done, start inter-acting with your fellow human beings, smartly,
And enjoy what evolves from this enterprise eventually."

"My dear young man, Yes, I am talking to Business education,
Kindly learn to differentiate it from Business Administration.
The eventual purpose is to strike a balance in Life,
You will be able to so only when you learn to appreciate your wife!"


"Education", said my Guru, "is a continuous interactive and creative process,
In which if you persist, you will definitely progress.
The ability to communicate with all types of fellow learners being the benchmark of success,
Kindly make them feel positive and do not do anything in excess."

Keeping a balance in the class room and in the sports field,
It is something which will earn you many a Best student Shield.
Be like Arjun my favorite disciple,
He was a man of vey solid principles.

Focusing on the speakers face is of utmost importance,
Please listen attentively and maintain a positive emotional balance,
Taking down notes as advocated by Tony Buzan is very essential,
Do this and you will reap the fruits of a nature very commercial.

When you guide people in the science of speed reading and mind mapping,
That will be the day when you will realize what is balanced learning.
After that your students will help you becoming a better teacher,
Learn from them and always be a practical learner.


Education is basically a cleaning up, inter-active and creative process,
So that we learn to effectively communicate with our fellow human beings and rapidly progress.
Helping them achieve their academic, financial and post retirement goals as soon as is possible should be the point of Focus,
Doc, what I am trying to tell you is certainly not Hocus-pocus.

Relax and do what is known as Blue- sky thinking,
The day you are established in this you will then start evolving.
Be rooted in to the positive ground reality my dear,
And whatever far and impossible will soon become real and very near.

Education is actually a very refined and simple process,
But we complicate it by doing everything negative and that too in excess.
Learning how to learn is the basis of any education,
Do that and soon you will feel yourself move full of positive emotions.

Speed reading and Mind mapping along with principles of NLP will help you tremendously,
The returns are so fast that you will experience them immediately.
I do hope I have been able to satisfy your thirst for knowledge for Time immemorial,
Now get out of books and be genuinely social.

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