Director, Kuiper Research and Educational Services Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad, India

A lot of times, this is one question which confuses a lot of people. What is education and what is the need for education? The way people see it, is the way they answer it. We already have a lot of well thought answers from different experiences of people. More or less everybody is right, however, in a nutshell education is all about learning - by experience, by formal procedures, by guidance, by instructions and needless to say, by mistakes.

As we progressed from the Stone Age and Modern Age of today, and as we are advancing to Machine Age, our education has changed manifold.

Purpose of education is always to be more informed and aware of everything around us. We may call it competition, job, requirements, better living, etc. Infact, anything. Today to even meditate you need education or, learning.

Why do we need education? Our aspirations are never ending and we always have desires to be fulfilled. For that we need education and it not just for anybody in specific but for humans all together. Right from a sports person to a priest, they all need education to do their job well. Hence we do need education.

I am not being philosophical here but, I am trying to look at education form a very different perspective.

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