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Quality Engineering Manager
Adobe Systems

A techno-managerial Software industry professional with 10 years of experience, 10 international paper publications and a patent invention - meritorious disclosure to his credit

About Ajay Jain

  • 10 years of industry experience, primarily in software validation program management

  • Ten international paper publications and a patent invention - meritorious disclosure award

  • B.E. and Specialized Diploma in Business Administration

Industry in Focus

Telecom and Software Publishing Shrink-Wrap Products


Engineering Project and Program Management

Career Path


Software Engineer I -> Software Engineer II -> Software Engineer III -> (depends on the company as to how many software engineer levels they have) -> Project Lead (primarily leading project plan, strategy, task allocation, etc.) or, Technical Lead (primarily leading technical areas and estimation, not much of task allocation) -> Sr. Lead (some companies have a Sr. Lead level between Lead and Engineering Manager) -> Engineering Manager -> (II-III levels of Engineering Manager) -> Sr. Engineering Manager (I-II levels of Sr. Management) -> Director -> Sr. Director -> VP -> Sr. VP

Testing/Quality: Quality word carries multiple meanings. It is very important for a new comer in the industry to be well aware of a company's definition of Quality. In some companies, the term 'Quality' indicates activities related to processes, standards like CMM, ISO etc, while in others, 'Quality' means Testing.


Software Test Engineer I -> Software Test Engineer II -> Software Test Engineer III (depends on the company as to how many software engineer levels they have) -> Test Lead (primarily leading project test plan, test strategy, task allocation, etc.) -> Sr. Test Lead (some companies have a Sr. Test Lead level between Lead and Test/ Quality Engineering Manager) -> Test/ Quality Engineering Manager -> (II-III levels of Engineering Manager) -> Sr. Test/ Quality Engineering Manager (I-II levels of Sr. Test/ Quality Management) -> Director - Testing/ Quality -> Sr. Director Testing/ Quality -> VP -> Sr. VP.

For details on Quality (Processes), please click here:

Ashutosh Pandey, General Manager - Quality & Processes, Nokia Siemens Networks

Job Description

It is a continuous learning process. The more you learn, the more you keep pace with rapidly changing technology and the more you grow.

Everything going on in this world is made efficient and quick by technology and this technology is brought to you by developers, and certified reliable by testers.

JD for beginners/ junior level people: Coding by developers as per baseline design/ requirements; and testing (black box/ white box or, automation driven) by the testers.

JD for mid-level developers/ testers: Participation in requirements review, design review, product backlog prioritization, metrics tracking, client interaction, project planning, test strategy preparation, etc.

JD for senior-level development/ test managers: At this level, both technical and management skills are needed for successful execution. Client interaction, requirements understanding (implicit and explicit), design architecture, metrics brainstorming (what to collect, when to collect), project planning, client negotiation, contract management, resource, time and budget estimation; quality control, risk identification, risk analysis (quantitative and qualitative), risk response planning & management, identification of optimization areas, product demo, technology feasibility evaluation, stakeholder management, project reporting, people management, performance appraisal, team building and conflict management.

Essential Qualifications

Engineering or, MCA; Certifications on test estimations, coding practices, test planning, automation skills.

Good Institutes To Study At

Top 10 engineering colleges like IITs, NITs, DCE/DIT

Other Qualifications

  • Aptitude for learning as this field requires continuous learning and adaptation to new technologies

  • Strong people management skills

  • Strong estimation and project management skills (Project management in itself is a vast area covering each and every aspect of management)

  • Client negotiation skills

  • Stakeholder management skills

  • Love and respect for metrics

Average Salary Range

Average Annual Salary in rupees - lakhs per annum

Exp. (Yrs.)
Salary (Rs. lakhs)
2.5 to 5
5 to 9
9 to 15
15 to 25
25 & above

A few lakhs could get added for any additional qualifications, certifications, company shares/stock plans, etc.

Additional Comments

This career is suitable for people with an aptitude to learn and experiment, people who are technology savvy and have good people management, estimation and project planning skills.

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Disclaimer: Views expressed by the author are personal

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