Edupaedia is a name derived by the combination of two words, education + encyclopaedia, thereby becoming education encyclopaedia.

Edupaedia is a common platform for all the stakeholders of education be it students, teachers, principals, curriculum developers, parents, etc. to share their views and ideas about education. We are sure that brainstorming by such a diverse group of people shall bear fruitful results. If not anything else, it shall atleast coax many of us to think about some issues. After all, the first step to solving a problem lies in identifying it.

Over a period of time, we aim to establish ourselves as a reliable source of information, creative ideas and credible solutions.

Our Vision

To have an educated and not just a literate India.

It is the responsibility of every generation to provide the future generations a better tomorrow. This can be achieved only when the current adult generation takes upon itself the task of providing quality education to children, the future of our country. It is this thought that motivated us to start this initiative.

Major Themes


Education is the single most important thing in shaping an individual's life. Many may realize this but, often it is taken for granted. How many of us actually bother to find out who decides what should be taught, when, how, etc.? Is the curriculum in schools and colleges keeping pace with the rapid developments in the industry? What about the quality of teachers? Do they know why they are teaching what they are teaching? The same for the students and parents. What is the end objective that one tries to achieve through education? Is it just for landing a lucrative job?

These are some of the issues that we intend to address through the forum called EduThinking.

Industry Speak

Many times, as students, we tend to choose a career without actually knowing the ground reality about the same. Through the Industry Speak section people share their real life on-the-job experience about a particular career. The idea is to clear misconceptions about various careers that some people may have. This section is a repository of various people talking about a variety of careers so that the reader can make an informed career decision.

Genesis of Edupaedia

Edupaedia was started by Shobhika Puri, who is very passionate about the subject of education and believes it to be the single most important thing in an individual's life. She is an ardent believer in the power of technology and the World Wide Web to share ideas and knowledge for collective human advancement.

She hopes to make some contribution to the education system in India with the active involvement of various stakeholders.

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